Welcome To The For The Close Experience Episode #7

Nico Wilmes is a business owner with a background in investing in renewable energy from Germany. He fell in love with Mexico as he was visiting on his 30th birthday and decided to stay forever as he saw the potential in sustainable development in Tulum. Nico founded the company Los Amigos Tulum with Marc Levy. Six years later they have become the most influential developer in Tulum with a revenue of 30 million dollar annually and over 500 employees.

  • Intro to Nico [1:30]
  • Nicos journey from visiting Mexico to deciding to stay and invest in real estate [3:37]
  • The sales culture and impact Nico is trying to bring to Tulum [5:55]
  • It’s hard to sell the first time but it’s cheaper to sell the second time [8:15]
  • The challenges that come with building in Tulum [10:23]
  • Nico closes with some tips on things you can do and apply to your sales technique [11:30]