Welcome To The For The Close Experience Episode #5

Chad Rogers is the Founder and CRO of Lemonlight Media, a Los Angeles based video marketing company that guarantees to deliver message via video directly to local customers.

  • Chads background in starting up his company Lemonlight [3:50]
  • Creating content for your brand and why it is a necessity [12:10]
  • Training a team to become laser focused [14:45]
  • Strategizing the use of your best sales person [19:31]
  • Give a shit about your client [28:20]
  • Have fun on the sales call and sharing excitement [29:15]
  • Holding firm on your price and not giving in [33:50]
  • Guaranteeing and following through with your products and services [37:53]
  • Having empathy for your clients and building a framework of communication [42:48]