Welcome To The For The Close Experience Episode #4

Abhi Golhar is a nationally syndicated radio show host on the Wall Street Business Network, where he addresses topics related to real estate investing. He is also a Managing Partner of Summit & Crowne, a real estate investment firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Abhi’s business in real estate, investing history, and current projects [5:10]
  • Investing in real estate while in college and not having experience [11:00]
  • The low points and vulnerability that makes peoples successful [16:55]
  • The diligent approach to sell a product or service [19:10]
  • Having a good grip on time management and honoring your word (especially to yourself) [22:39]
  • Abhi’s insight and experience writing books [25:43]
  • How to find and get funding for your ideas and company [28:34]
  • Interacting with your clients (STOP texting) [33:20]