Welcome To The For The Close Experience Episode #3

Josh Harcus is a brand evangelist for Dmanna.com, preventing UTIs and reducing Dementia with elders. Chairman of Hüify. A top HubSpot sales and marketing partner, sales enablement Speaker and Author of “A Closing Culture”.

  • Josh’s journey starting to starting his company Huify. [1:38]
  • The ins and outs of the partnership model [14:15]
  • Becoming a HubSpot partner to grow your business [17:41]
  • Getting to the top of the directory and establishing the sales process [20:35]
  • Placing yourself in an ecosystem where you can grow quickly [26:05]
  • Becoming the team that steps in and does the job [27:10]
  • Little background to the big project Dmanna. [32:10]
  • Getting of our your way and finding a good use for yourself [39:02]