Welcome To The For The Close Experience Episode #2

Victor Antonio is an American author, business consultant and host. He is best known for being host of Spike TV’s reality series, Life or Debt.

  • What brought Victor into sales from engineering [1:13]
  • Knowing the right questions to ask in a sales presentation [7:50]
  • Things smaller organizations do that big organizations need to adopt [10:02]
  • Not being gullible and buying into the false promises from big companies [17:00]
  • The path of least resistance that takes you to the next level in your organization [20:30]
  •  Victor tells the story of how he jumped on an opportunity because of the salary and title [25:02]
  • The consistent bullshit excuse sales people always make [29:04]
  • The reason people in smaller organizations have an up on those in big organizations [36;45]
  • The Challenger Model [40:01]