Episode #9

January 26, 2019

Welcome To The For The Close Experience Episode #9

Chris Ortolano is the Founder and Principal of Outbound Edge. He works closely with Sales Managers and VP’s to address one of the most common pipeline problems: knowing which deals will close and why? Chris deploys a lean matrix to weight deal factors, score deal progress, and negotiation skills to stress test deals, allowing his clients to dump the bad deals, streamline the pipeline, and focus on deals with a higher probability of C/W.


  • Intro to Chris [0:00]
  • The misunderstanding of the term “bottleneck” + why deals stall [1:20]
  • Chris’ sales and consulting journey [4:20]
  • 3 steps process to transforming your sales results [12:45]
  • How young salesman should come into the game and talk to higher ups. [20:55]
  • The important techniques of storytelling in your sales pitch [25:40]
  • The notion of the salesman always having to be a hero [28:30]


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