Episode #4

December 14, 2018

Welcome To The For The Close Experience Episode #4

Abhi Golhar is a nationally syndicated radio show host on the Wall Street Business Network, where he addresses topics related to real estate investing. He is also a Managing Partner of Summit & Crowne, a real estate investment firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.


  • Abhi’s business in real estate, investing history, and current projects [5:10]
  • Investing in real estate while in college and not having experience [11:00]
  • The low points and vulnerability that makes peoples successful [16:55]
  • The diligent approach to sell a product or service [19:10]
  • Having a good grip on time management and honoring your word (especially to yourself) [22:39]
  • Abhi’s insight and experience writing books [25:43]
  • How to find and get funding for your ideas and company [28:34]
  • Interacting with your clients (STOP texting) [33:20]


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Ali Mirza: Alright! Welcome to the For The Close Podcast. Everybody, today we have a very special show as every single show especially we’ve never made a bad one ever. But, today it’s even extra special because I have my very good friend here. He is a real investor, a regular investor in regular companies; he is a founder as well so he does a lot of things. But, in addition to all of that he is a morning radio personality of a nationally syndicated radio show, he is our Maury Povich. Plus, in addition to that he has a real estate fund that focuses on multi-families, the founder of NP Hub, never quite made it to becoming a male model but that has not slowed down his ego. I would like to… it is my pleasure to welcome Abhi Golhar to the show. Abhi, thank you so much for being on the For The Close Podcast. How are you doing today brother?

Abhi Golhar: Hey, man! Thanks for having me. Really excited to be here and thanks for the invite. And so, I will say I came this close to becoming a male model and then my wife said “You know what? I don’t want too many eyes on that hot body of yours” so, I have to…

Ali Mirza: Yes.

Abhi Golhar: You know how that goes, right? Like you have to kind of take a couple of steps back sometimes. [00:01:28.06] [Crosstalk] [Unintelligible] escalate.

Ali Mirza: Right! Yeah, that’s the only reason you’re not grazed in the covers of Calvin Klein in your underwear.

Abhi Golhar: Absolutely! Absolutely!

Ali Mirza: Right. Yes. Yes, yes.

Abhi Golhar: I mean, I also don’t think Calvin Klein would appreciate whitey tighty so I think that’s a little bit of a challenge.

Ali Mirza: It’s tighty whiteys.

Abhi Golhar: Tighty whiteys, yes! Whitey tighties. I said whitey tighties? Tighty whiteys? Tighty whiteys.

Ali Mirza: Wait. In your whole life have you been calling them whitey tighties?

Abhi Golhar: No, I just messed it up.

Ali Mirza: I don’t think you did. I don’t know, anyways. Whatever.

Abhi Golhar: Whitey tighty. Yeah, no! It’s tighty whiteys.

Ali Mirza: Yeah.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah. I don’t even know why I said whitey tighties. That’s kind of weird.

Ali Mirza: Yeah. But…

Abhi Golhar: Geez!

Ali Mirza: Who knows? Maybe you got something on your mind. But, alright. Okay, I think that is a perfect foray and to people knowing about how twisted yours and mine sense of humor is. So, for those of you…

Abhi Golhar: Yeah, pretty much.

Ali Mirza: Well, no one’s going to know this right because it’s between you and I. But so, Abhi and I are good friends, Abhi and I we get dinner, we grab dinner often and we have to make sure that it’s like a secluded kind of back corner of the restaurant because like…

Abhi Golhar: It’s so true!

Ali Mirza: Well because like we’re always talking about like the weirdest stuff in the world and it’s just….

Abhi Golhar: Always!

Ali Mirza: And, well remember that last time when we were sitting at the bar and then we were just like I could just feel if like people just like shooting daggers at us with some of the stuff that we were saying. And…

Abhi Golhar: I mean…

Ali Mirza: It wasn’t anything offensive which is weird dinner conversation I think is really what it boils down to.

Abhi Golhar: I think it’s definitely not regular dinner conversation. And like so, I don’t really have an opportunity let loose most of the time, right? And so you’re one of the few people that I choose to do that with. And when we’re at the bar it’s always interesting, you can sense the other person listening in to the conversation and then you just had the tail of the conversation just as what kind of reaction you’re going to get from this person.

Ali Mirza: Right. Right.

Abhi Golhar: And it’s so funny man, like I don’t know it’s… yeah! Nothing offensive. Just really funny stuff that you wouldn’t never even think about. Yeah.

Ali Mirza: And I think why we go along so well is ’cause we enjoy awkward moments like we enjoy making the other person feel comfortable.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: Almost like we can just like never grew passed the age of 14, right? So, when you just like start doing stupid things for the sake of doing something dumb. I think somehow we stayed on that world.

Abhi Golhar: That’s for sure.

Ali Mirza: We just bought more expensive clothes as we grew up, that’s I think really all that happened.

Abhi Golhar: That’s really it. I mean, my voice cracked just the other day so I still think I’m going to puberty, like.

Ali Mirza: You very well could be.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: You never know, right? You never done growing right?

Abhi Golhar: Right! That’s right.

Ali Mirza: So, I have been on Abhi’s show a few times and I always have to tailor my conversation because we have to be very what it’s like PG right there it’s like really not much you could say.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah! The last time you’re on the air we had to use the dump button and we do that.

Ali Mirza: Yeah. But I only said piss like I said and I…

Abhi Golhar: [00:04:04.24] [Crosstalk]You couldn’t say that. You couldn’t say that for what man?

Ali Mirza: I said pissed off like. I’d say… no, I didn’t… Nah! That was garbage I mean, because whatever. But Abhi, as I told you anything goes here so if you feel it you say it, alright brother? And okay, so with that really unnecessarily long rumble.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: I am always sceptical of someone that tells me they’re an investor or a coach and because that’s like code for unemployed or I live in my mom’s basement. But…

Abhi Golhar: Yup.

Ali Mirza: As a I mentioned, Abhi’s wardrobe budget is more expensive than mine. So, Abhi actually does have money, so Abhi actually is doing something. Abhi, why don’t we just like take a step back and you tell me how did you get in to this and I know you’re legit but tell everybody else that you’re actually sitting on stacks of cash. Like, walk us through that.

Abhi Golhar: So, I feel like I’m going to need therapy after this interview. This is gonna be great!

Ali Mirza: For sure! I haven’t done my job if you don’t to like decompress for just one minute afterwards.

Abhi Golhar: Alright! So, I’m just going to go ahead and shoot kind of straight from the head. But if you have questions obviously kind of chime in. So, I love investing in real estate that’s really where I cut my teeth in Inner City Detroit. I started investing in real estate and then I realized, jeez! Why only invest in real estate? Why not also be able to start businesses and invest in businesses that need the help? I enjoy investing in businesses that already have a revenue generating model and businesses that can prove growth because, you know what? Those are the businesses that are most likely to succeed. Not necessarily your startup’s that are only looking, gearing all of their ad spend toward finding the right customer, right? And maybe proving out of product I’m doing that my business, right?

Ali Mirza: Right.

Abhi Golhar: And I understand how difficult that is and then of course to find the VC capital, etcetera. So, for me I love real estate, I love investing in different companies and really showing business owners that have 1 million in sales every year or 3 million or 5 million or 10 million of sales every year. How they can take some of the money that they’re earning in their business and move it to another asset class called real estate so they can build wealth and protect it for the long term. What’s the point in building a business if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor? And that’s not just stay in your business that’s also to you build that lifelong legacy, leave it for your spouse and leave it for your kids but then enjoy it while you’re here temporarily on planet earth while you’re just swinging by and stopping by. So, I do enjoy creating a little budget for clothing, don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of fun. But that didn’t happened by accident, right? Like everything for me is planned. I’m an electrical engineer by trade. I was trained to look at best in worst case scenarios and then of course plan for worst case scenario and I feel like that’s really helped me not only in my real estate investing but then also in the investing of companies that we do as well. So, I started back in 2002, 2003 in Detroit. I did a horse shoe in the midwest so I moved to Lincoln Nebraska, Wentzville Missouri, Saint Louis Missouri and then finally here Atlanta, Georgia. Labor day 2007 is when I moved here. I started my company Summit & Crowne in 2008. And you mentioned we just launched the real estate fund a couple of months ago where we identified apartment complex transactions and operators and we invest in the operator to really truly create a passive product for ourselves and for our investors.

Ali Mirza: Got it! Got it! And so, how does… so, you skipped over something that I want like and it’s feel free because I know the story.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah! For sure.

Ali Mirza: But feel free to go into as deep as you want but, you say okay, I started in Inner City, Detroit and then I moved around and now I’m rich. Well, walk us through how that happened because I don’t… like when someone’s tells me they’re an investors unless it’s like an old white dude, right? I just think like, yeah sure. So, like walk us through some of the stuff that you’ve done like give that claut.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah. So, when I was at Michigan I had this like terrible experience my first semester. Are you familiar with The Square Root Club at all?

Ali Mirza: That’s… just so I sounded smart, yes.

Abhi Golhar: There, yes! It’s with…

Ali Mirza: Of course! That sounds a part of it too.

Abhi Golhar: It’s with the square root of your GPA is actually higher than your GPA.

Ali Mirza: It just sounds like such a nerdy thing to be a part of.

Abhi Golhar: No! It’s bad. That means your GPA is less than one.

Ali Mirza: Oh!

Abhi Golhar: That’s the only time.

Ali Mirza: Oh!

Abhi Golhar: So, that’s what really… yeah! That’s what really forced me to like, okay dude. You’re failing in engineering school, you’re going to get your crap together and you’re going to like finish it out, obviously. So, I finished but at the same time I knew there was something wrong with the world. I kind of like, I kind of thought like Neo in The Matrix, I’m like there has to be more to making money than just going to school of getting a job and then death, right?

Ali Mirza: Right.

Abhi Golhar: That doesn’t make any sense for me. So, I sought mentors. This is when I was in college and I found two really awesome mentors. One was in the medical education space and the other was in the real estate space. And I learned a lot about both worlds but I really gravitated to this real estate space. When I started I was investing in mortgage notes since we can do an entire show about that, it was crazy. But essentially finding a distressed seller, putting this mortgage note under contract and then reselling it to somebody that’s an institutional buyer or a private buyer.

Ali Mirza: How much money does that take to do something like that? So, is that like you got it for $5000 on the line? You got to put a $100,000 on the line?

Abhi Golhar: Yeah! So I was a college kid, right? So, I didn’t really have a whole lot of cash. I generated cash by buying and selling cars.

Ali Mirza: Oh! So you were car… so okay, so you moved with cars.

Abhi Golhar: I was. That’s right.

Ali Mirza: Make a little bit of money, take that, do your little mortgage note business and slowly built up and step up and up and up. Okay. So, doing that to make…

Abhi Golhar: You got it. Because you have to… you have to start from somewhere, right?

Ali Mirza: Right.

Abhi Golhar: If you didn’t start with a little bit of cash there’s no… anybody that’s got to give you this like zero down, hey follow me I’m a guru, I’m going to charge you $50,000, I’m going to show you how to make money with zero down. Like that’s so stupid because you have to put up to $50,000 to pay this person then they’re going to tell you how to do zero down stuff. I don’t necessarily believe in zero down unless you’re an absolutely pro in real estate investing and the same thing with buying businesses like you want yourself to have skin on the game, you want your partners, your business partners to have money they’re going to lose because if they’re invested, guess what happens?

Ali Mirza: They care.

Abhi Golhar: They care. Exactly!

Ali Mirza: They need it to produce. No, I agree.

Abhi Golhar: Exactly.

Ali Mirza: I agree. Okay. So, you go from flipping cars, take in your side hustle cash, do it in to the mortgage notes, you go to the mortgage notes, then what? Then how do you step up the next one?

Abhi Golhar: Then I decide, you know what? I’m going to start flipping houses in Detroit which I actually failed at that, I didn’t do really well. I trusted the wrong people, it was my first foray into flipping, I didn’t know how to work with contractors, it was a really tough time. I remember man, one time I’d finished classes in Ann Arbor and I have this like ’92 or ’94 Honda Civic DX, it was like the worst car ever, bold tires, I wasn’t taking care of it, smelled like mold in the inside. I got a text message from my client.

Ali Mirza: And for our California listeners we think bold tires are normal way of life, not up in the North.

Abhi Golhar: No!

Ali Mirza: And like you, you have to get new tires every few years because if you don’t get thread like you’re about to die.

Abhi Golhar: [00:11:31.08] [Crosstalk] Yeah!

Ali Mirza: So, these Californians that ride on their tires for 8 years and they’re like “Well, they’re fine” because they’re in California.

Abhi Golhar: No, they’re not. Yeah, no it’s not California and you’re from like freezing cold Canada, right?

Ali Mirza: Don’t tell anyone on that. I wear this pin so that no one knows.

Abhi Golhar: So, you’re used of putting chains on your tires the exact same thing here. When it snows like crazy you got to put chains on your tires.

Ali Mirza: Right.

Abhi Golhar: It destroys the road but, whatever. So, I get a call from my contractor and my contractor said like “Hey, man. You need to go to your properties in Detroit. This one property specifically on Highland and you need to go check it out because there’s some issues” I’m like, “Well, that’s for you for”, he’s like “Well, I have to go pick up my kids and stuff” and I’m like, “Alright, fine.” So, it starts to snow in Ann Arbor when I leave in the evening, I had to leave for Detroit. I get to Detroit, it’s a full on blizzard, I can’t like my wipers aren’t working properly, it’s ridiculous. And I checked my text messages again and my contractor says “Hey, I’ve left a Shop-Vac for you” and I’m like “Okay, I know what a Shop-Vac is but why are you leaving, like what’s going on?” So, I pulled on the driveway, I opened the door to my property done renovating and I hear a running water. In that moment I’m like, oh, crap! Like something is just totally wrong here. And you know that feeling when like your body gets super warm and you can feel your ears burning?

Ali Mirza: Yep.

Abhi Golhar: And you just like… and you just enter like fight or flight. I was there; I’m like, oh crap! Something’s wrong. I see the Shop-Vac and essentially it’s just you use it to suck up water. And I hear running water, I go down to the basement because that’s where I hear the running water from and I’m like up to my neck in water. And I’m 5’4″, right? Like up to my neck is like up to here.

Ali Mirza: Right. Yeah.

Abhi Golhar: And I freeze because my basement has flooded. And I’m in Inner City, Detroit, in not a good neighborhood and like the bluff, right? Like the cut where you’re going to get shot like this is where I decided to invest in properties. So mistake number one and I didn’t pay [00:13:41.04] [Crosstalk] [Unintelligible].

Ali Mirza: And for our suburban listeners, bluff means better leave you fucking fool, mean do not be there.

Abhi Golhar: Right! So, exactly. I’m glad you’re the non-PC one in this relationship unless we’re at a bar in which case then I’m good to go.

Ali Mirza: And you got an image to protect like, I’m, I could just do whatever the hell I want.

Abhi Golhar: So, I freeze in this moment and like mom and dad don’t know I’m investing, I’m still a second year in at Michigan electrical Engineering. I’m not supposed to know like how to do any of these stuff, I’m supposed to trust my mentor. Well my mentor turns his back on me and I trusted the wrong people and I’m alone. It’s cold, I’m in the cut, it’s Inner City, Detroit and I have like barely any money and I’m just flying by the seat of my pants here. I decide a good door knocking and if there’s one thing that I know how to do really well, it’s knock on doors. So, I knocked on doors, that night it was like 10:00, 10:30, 11:00 at night all the way down the street and all the way back. It was rough man, like I didn’t know what to say, I was stuttering because I had this big issue and I was asking for help. None of my college friends would understand what I’m going through, they’re like studying doing a homework a normal college kid stuff, I wasn’t. I wanted to make a life for myself, I wanted to build and I wanted to do more. But here I was losing money in freaking Inner City, Detroit, right? So, I realized that I wasn’t going to get any help. Luckily, there was one neighbor who would live right across from me that said “Hey! You know what? I’m going to help you out”. So, we go down to the basement, we started moving as much water out of the house as we can, it’s not working. Now, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning I’m dead tired, he’s dead tired. I said, “Dude. Go back to bed, I appreciate it”. And I go to the second floor because what I’d know about heat is that heat rises but the problem is that my HVAC system wasn’t even working, right? That was underwater too! So, I slept on the second storey of this house, no bed, no mattress, no blanket, cold, wet, tired, freezing, scared and I crawled up into a corner and feel asleep. And in that moment I realized two things, number one, I didn’t have the team around me.

Ali Mirza: Right.

Abhi Golhar: And this was never going to happen to me again. And number two, I need to learn from this moment because this is the absolute bottom of the barrel. You talk about somebody that had made money like I’d made a little bit money in college, flipping cars and doing mortgage notes and stuff but I’m still learning. But in the same time I need to laugh at myself, right? Like I needed to laugh at my situation otherwise I wasn’t going to get through it.

Ali Mirza: Right.

Abhi Golhar: And realized that this was the absolute bottom that I could hit and I’ve hit it and there’s no way to go from here but up.

Ali Mirza: And seeing the thing that allowed people don’t realize is that the most successful people in the world of which neither of you and I are but of the most successful people in the world.

Abhi Golhar: Right.

Ali Mirza: Most of them had been at that point, right?

Abhi Golhar: Yep!

Ali Mirza: And a lot of people have been at that point. But what… that is when you make that decision is am I just going to crawl up and die and live at 9:00 to 5:00 and do whatever and make my $80,000 a year and…

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: You know, take my 2 week vacation at an all you can eat resort in Cancún and that’s it, and I’m just going to be a dad or am I going to make something on myself? And unfortunately and I mean this. Unfortunately, I’m not going to sugar coat it, unfortunately most people make the decision that say hey this is not for me.

Abhi Golhar: Yep!

Ali Mirza: Most people they die right there.

Abhi Golhar: That’s right.

Ali Mirza: And then they just like for another… their pulse continues for the next 40, 50, 60 years until they actually get buried in the ground. But the most successful people know where that’s when they spike, right? That’s when they say never again.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah! And you need to have your back to a wall, you need no other options.

Ali Mirza: That’s the only way you can push off.

Abhi Golhar: That’s it.

Ali Mirza: It’s the only way you can push off.

Abhi Golhar: That’s it. Steel hard is in the fire, diamonds are created under pressure and don’t let yourself believe. If you’re listening to this, I mean don’t be under any certain assumption that things are going to be easy, it’s never easy. It’s not supposed to be easy. If it’s easy you’re doing something wrong, if you’re not failing often if you’re just starting out you’re doing something wrong.

Ali Mirza: Right.

Abhi Golhar: Fail early and fail fast. And whenever I speak nationally I always tell folks “Listen. The best thing that ever happened to me was my Detroit experience”. I hated going through it, nobody wants to go through that but you know what? I had nobody to turn to, my friends were laughing at me, I had no idea what I was doing but you know what? I believe in myself and I had one hope and one dream that you know what? One day, I’ll have this figured out. I don’t necessarily need to be the most successful, I don’t need to be a billionaire or nothing like that, I just want to be able to figure this out.

Ali Mirza: I love it. Love it. Alright, let’s change gears from this hustle tragedy poring over to like some actual tactical stuff, right? Alright.

Abhi Golhar: Let’s do it.

Ali Mirza: Okay. So, okay in my opinion real estate sales is different than regular sales, right? Whether you’re selling a fund, whether you’re selling a house or whatever the case may be, whether you’re a realtor or an investor but it’s different than selling a widget or a service or something like that because you’re doing it all, right? You are selling the service but you’re also selling some sort of a tangible asset. You are like… and you’re selling yourself and you’re selling your ability and futures and all of this other stuff. But do you agree with that? Do you disagree with that? Do you think it’s at the end of the day it’s the same shit different brag, like walk me through that, what is your opinion?

Abhi Golhar: Yeah. I think it’s a combination of both. I think there are definitely elements. If you’re selling a product or a service and I’m selling something that’s say in my case we’re selling an apartment complex, right? For example. Or we’re buying an apartment complex. There is a little bit more due diligence that’s required on the actual asset. For example, if I’m buying a single family house that I want to renovate and then rent like I need to know what I’m buying. If I’m selling this house as the investor to another investor, yeah like there’s some numbers about the house, here’s how much rent I’m getting, here is the ROI the return on investment that you’ll get as an investor, here’s where the properties located, here’s why this neighborhood is good, here’s why it’s not. So, these kinds of factors are important, there’s definitely data that you need to make a smart informed investing decision as somebody that’s buying a single family rental. In my world of apartment complexes it’s the exact same thing, I need to pitch investors and I need to communicate with investors that hey! Here’s what the fund does. If you’re on a accredited investor which means that you’ve hit a certain income level or you have a certain amount in net worth and so you could just Google accredited investor. Once you’re there, once you’ve hit that status then we can have a conversation about what you’re looking for passively for the long term, etcetera. So, the ways that it’s kind of the same though Ali is I need to feel comfortable and you need to feel comfortable in the overall process. You need to believe that my brands stands for itself and it means something and you ultimately need to believe that I can provide the value that I say I’m going to provide. Whether it’s a house for a homeowner, whether it’s an investment foreign investor or it’s a product or service as a business consultant for a client that needs to grow their business, right? Ultimately, I’m projecting something and that something comes with the experience, the attitude, the swag, what you got. And most importantly your belief that I can perform. If you don’t believe I’m going to perform on what I say I’m going to do, then you know what? Oh, that’s rough.

Ali Mirza: Right. Okay. No, I could dig with that. Alright. So, piggy backing off of that, right?

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: In a part of selling yourself, right? You mentioned that so there’s this settlement of personal brand. Now you’ve written 3 books already, okay? I mean you’ve the personal brand with the shows and whatnot but the books, well okay, which one is your favorite?

Abhi Golhar: Which one is my favorite?

Ali Mirza: I’m just messing with you. I just… I want… it’s like I’m asking somebody which one of their kids is their favorite kid.

Abhi Golhar: That one. Yes! The oldest one.

Ali Mirza: No, it’s the one that’s going to make, has the highest projected income that’s going to properly take care of you.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: That’s your favorite kid, right?

Abhi Golhar: Totally.

Ali Mirza: No, but okay. Joke asides, right? Juggling everything, right?

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: How do you had the time to write 3 books, right? You’re doing all this other stuff. Walk us through what the books are, what some entrepreneurs can take out of that? But then, also walk me through a little bit of that process from time to lineation and actually doing it?

Abhi Golhar: So, I’m a huge fan of Time Blocking. And I’m also a big believer in if you say you’re going to do something you do it, right? If you say you’re going to commit it to yourself then I’m going to work out at 5 AM like you do, I do the exact thing, I’m going to wake up at 4:30 I’m going to get geared up in my mind, I’m going to go work out from 5:00 to 6:00 and then be at the office let’s say 6:30. Or crush through emails or do whatever it takes, right? This is absolutely required as an entrepreneur. If you fail with saying you’re going to do something and then not doing it, guess what’s going to happen in your mindset? Of course, you know Abhi says he’s going to do something but ultimately when it comes down to the wire he’s going to make it happen so it doesn’t matter anyway. That can’t exist in your world, period  so time block. If you don’t know what time blocking it’s very simple, look at your calendar, take 3 hours and just crush it out. And I’m not saying you have to complete the task but you should get as close to the task as possible. The benefit that I’ve had say writing Pitch was I have one of my friends, he’s a security’s attorney. And if you know anything about security’s attorney they’re like $600, $700, $800 an hour. And to have him also help me write the book and he and I co-authored this book together Pitch. That’s a really big benefit. One of the things that I’ve learned is partnering with people that are also influencers and saying you bring a different skill set, I bring a different skill set let’s work together and write something of value that we believe there’s a need for in this marketplace. So, for real estate investors we wrote a book called Pitch how you can structure your deal and go find private lending. You can buy it on Amazon if you want or if you could just email me I’ll send you a copy, happy to do it. But that’s how we built the structure around that book. We went to Google and we went to Google trends and we found some of the hottest topics that real estate investors were searching for regarding financing and lending for their deals and we decided to write a book about it. I think it’s, this book is roughly 60 or 65 pages. So, it doesn’t have to be that long. And guess what? It sets you apart as an authority because you’ve written a book, you know what you’re talking about and if you can talk to each chapter, I mean you could talk about all the micro content, you have pillar content like Gary Vaynerchuk talks about and then you start creating little LinkendIn videos, Instagram videos. I mean there’s becomes a world of possibility with one book. So, I think I’ve… I think I kind of went a little bit of a die try but time blocking really important, if you’re going to do it, do it, set it. And then number two, find somebody to write a book with. Speaking of which we should write a book.

Ali Mirza: Why not!

Abhi Golhar: Yeah, exactly!

Ali Mirza: There you go.

Abhi Golhar: And then you’ll see… yeah! You’ll see the processes it’s very easy. It’s not hard.

Ali Mirza: So, and one of the things you said is find somebody to write a book with. And is there an element of accountability there? Is that?

Abhi Golhar: That’s huge. So, if I’m… right now the process of co-authoring a small little eBook with Tom Wheelwright who wrote the book Tax Free Wealth, great guy, he’s also an adviser to Robert Kiyosaki. I think the book Tax Free Wealth it’s part of the Kiyosaki Rich Dad series. And I said “Hey! You know what? Like, you have an awesome influence. I’m building my influence to be as awesome as yours, let’s do something together and we can hit two different audiences” he said “Yes! An awesome idea”. So, there’s accountability and I’m levelling up, he’s levelling up and we’re able to work together on a project that can create a lot of impact for people. So, we also have a different spin, well say hey! Here’s the 2019 Playbook for both taxes and real estate investing. Hey, that’s means we can write this book every year and it becomes awesome content for him to talk about on his shows, for me to talk about on my shows and we’re together speaking in public. I mean, it’s magic.

Ali Mirza: I like it. Well, so you know I like that cot cross pollination idea. Where you get to dip your toes and then his audience, he gets to do vice-versa and then you get to open yourself up too. Because it’s one thing to sell to people that already know you and you already know and that are already paying you but it’s about growth, right?

Abhi Golhar: Yes.

Ali Mirza: And it’s that cross pollination alike because then you don’t just keep it incestuous. And then when you get more people coming to that’s as far as that creativity gets more so, I like that.

Abhi Golhar: [00:27:02.27] [Crosstalk] Yeah.

Ali Mirza: Alright.

Abhi Golhar: And they’re from two different industries, right? I’m a real estate and business investor and he’s a CPA, right?

Ali Mirza: Right.

Abhi Golhar: If you and I were to write a book I would take about the finishing end for business owners, you would talk about the business process or like how do you make your business better? And once you’ve made your business better and here’s how you finish well, right?

Ali Mirza: Right.

Abhi Golhar: Like you build your business, build your business, build your business and then I’ll take it from here and say here’s how you build financial wealth.

Ali Mirza: Right. Right.

Abhi Golhar: And that’s how you learn.

Ali Mirza: I like it. Nah, I like it. I like it.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: Alright. Well, let’s talk a little bit about funding and I know we don’t have you for too much longer so I’ll… brevity is not my strong… look, I’m already elongating this question, right? I’ll just keep going and press with it. Alright so, funding, right? I’ve seen so many shitty ideas get funded; I have seen some great ideas not get funded.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: Walk me through that. What are you looking for when, okay you’re about to take out your big fat juicy checkbook, right? And, oh okay…

Abhi Golhar: Boom! Right there.

Ali Mirza: What can I say that’s just going to destroy that and make you take check, rip it up, put it back in your pocket? Or that I’m just going to say that’s going to get you just like man! Idea aside, right? The people listening to it their idea is what it is and regardless whether it’s a bad idea or it’s a good idea there’s no talent that found or anything else, right? What can they do tactically to get their ideas funded, to get to become a company to get money?

Abhi Golhar: Yeah. Number one, do you have customers?

Ali Mirza: So, don’t come too hot in hand. Hey, I need this and you’re going to save my sinking ship.

Abhi Golhar: Exactly!

Ali Mirza: Wait! So, wait, wait, wait. You’re telling me I have to find my first money?

Abhi Golhar: I mean, yeah! You do! You have to find your own customers; you have to prove A to yourself whether or not your ideas being validated in the market. If your idea has competition that’s a good thing, right? That means that there’s a need you just have to do it better than the next person. I’m sure you’ve heard this. Anybody can make a better burger than McDonalds, right? The question is do you have a better process in place than McDonalds? So, the answer to a lot of folks or for a lot of folks the answer is no, you don’t have a better process but sure you can make a better hamburger. Well, great! Then find 200 people, 300 people, 500 people, a thousand people that also can be your raving fans, right? When my co-founder Krish and I we started NP Hub we already had sales, we already had sales for the service that we decided to create in this healthcare education space. When I created the fund I already had investors that I can go to. If you have an idea bring customers to the table and then show me like hey! This is where you started, this is where you are and you have how many customers? 30, cool! And you’re projected to have 500 customers by the end of the year, great! I don’t care if that number is at thousands. Let’s be conservative and show me your customer acquisition strategy, what does that look like? How much money are you spending? What is the lifetime value of each customer and what are your overall expenses and we can generate a model based on that. But man! I want to see customers and I want to see something unique, what are you doing better than your competition? Are you putting in technology? Do you have a better sales team, do you have somebody that cares. Mark Cuban said that the best in the Business Insider article I think a little while ago, he said “Nice sales right now”. You don’t need to be an arrogant asshole, right? You can be nice. And listen, people want to connect with other people, take the conversation from an online transaction and offline that’s why I really admire what you do Ali. You fly to your clients, you fly to your customers and you’ll say, hey guys I’m here, I’m ready, I’m prepared, let’s dominate your business. Not a lot of people understand how to do that effectively enough so they resort to selling in a live chat simulation online by some bot that they’re paying $10 a month for. No! Get on the phone and call your potential customers, there’s so much data waiting for you to be had there so that you can better their experience. If I give you sample size of a thousand people or 500 people and all you did was email market to them I will slap you, right? Like that is the worst thing you could possibly do. You want to get on the phone with these folks and say, “You know Ali. Hey! Listen. My name is Abhi. I’m calling from NP Hub. My name is Abhi and I’m calling from XYZ Consulting”. You know, tell me about the top 3 things in your business right now that you’re struggling with and then tell me the top 3 things that the industry is struggling with. Awesome! If I could solve some of these challenges for you would it be possibly to meet up in your hometown on my dime? Heck yeah! Of course! Right? So, you want to get in front of your customers and the best way to do that is to go visit them. John Ruhlin who wrote the book Giftology is a master of this.

Ali Mirza: [00:32:06.13] [Crosstalk] [The main man]. Yep!

Abhi Golhar: That’s right! You know, name dropping. I mean, but he understands not only what it takes to give gifts but how you create impact in your delivery?

Ali Mirza: Right.

Abhi Golhar: That’s really important as well. If can do that with products and services or if you’re a real estate investor listening to this, you, yeah the world is your oyster, the world is your oyster.

Ali Mirza: No. I can get behind that. And, I mean that was so powerful and then there’s so much that you just kind of like went off on a tangent about that I…

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: But I think that there’s so much, but there’s so much that was there. I just want to make sure that people can unpack that properly. I mean, and then from just the simple things like talk to people, right? You pick up on their tone, you pick up on their inflection, right? If you just send them an email give me the top 3 things that you, that are most important to you, right? They’re not going to respond but if they do and they give you the 1, 2, 3 to you they’re weighted equally.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: Or, number one is the most important, number 2 and number 3 and third one being the least important. But when you talk to somebody you hear the pitch, the inflection, the tone. There’s just you can say that well, the first two where they would just kind of threw in but they wanted to get those over with, that third one was what they really want to talk about.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah.

Ali Mirza: That human element that connection. I think I can’t even say.

Abhi Golhar: Totally! You can’t read body language on text. I mean you can’t…

Ali Mirza: That sets no tone.

Abhi Golhar: No! And it drives me crazy. It’s like, yeah! I was consulting with one of my friends last week and he said “Yeah. These are my client text me and he said this, I don’t know what to say”. Stop texting your client like stop being an idiot and just get on the phone with this person and figure it out. At the very least like you said the voice inflections would tell you how they’re feeling and you can adjust accordingly like this isn’t rocket science, it’s not rocket science. I really appreciate what Gary Vaynerchuk says about this he said, “The best person or the best group of people that are, that will crush it in today’s world are like our grandparents”, right? Because they have that human element, they’re willing to take a conversation from an online conversation and take it offline and really create a relationship with you. That’s who’s winning right now. It’s not somebody that’s going to sit here and DM you all day on Instagram.

Ali Mirza: And again, I know you’re not saying that there’s no place for that. There’s a time and a place for that but what you’re saying is take it pass that, don’t just live in that world. And I think that we’re in this world of everyone is an internet tough guy, right? And it’s so easy to say and do but…

Abhi Golhar: Yep.

Ali Mirza: When you meet up with some people it’s awkward right, that like the way I am right now is the way I am when you meet me in person is the way it is. But there’s a lot of people that be at you know their Facebook or Twitter feed or whatever the case may be either one and then you see him in person and it’s like…

Abhi Golhar: Yep!

Ali Mirza: All of the sudden without that filter yates so pretty no more, you know?

Abhi Golhar: Yeah! I mean, and so you and I have developed an awesome working relationship, right? We’re friends. The only reason that we are is because we decided to meet up. I remember messaging you, I’m like hey! Man. I’ve heard a lot about you. Let’s at least like go grab a coffee or a drink or something and chat.

Ali Mirza: Yep!

Abhi Golhar: And you said absolutely let’s make that happen. Guess what I did in that moment? I said on online to offline let’s go do something.

Ali Mirza: Yep.

Abhi Golhar: And the more of these instances that we can have with the potential business partners. Even with a spouse, right? If you’re dating somebody. It’s not just an online thing; you don’t want to only take it on Tinder, that’s really weird, right? Relationship, nothing happens.

Ali Mirza: Well that’s [00:35:39.22] [Crosstalk] [half of those], yeah.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah! That’s right. Like it’s I don’t know what benefit you get only by speaking with somebody on like at Tinder or any one of these apps. You want to meet up with them and then take the next step if you so choose but that’s really what happens.

Ali Mirza: What is that next step Abhi? I’m confused here.

Abhi Golhar: I mean, I think it has a little bit to do with when I’m doing that tie.

Ali Mirza: [00:35:57.25] [Crosstalk] And a little bit?

Abhi Golhar: You know, it’s like… yeah. Exactly. So, you got maybe [00:36:02.23] [Crosstalk][Unintelligible]

Ali Mirza: I said we could take it R-rated then, say we could take it X-rated man like, whatever.

Abhi Golhar: You know I’m, I’m just saying, right? Like.

Ali Mirza:   No! No! No! I hear you though.

Abhi Golhar: There’s nothing wrong with unbuttoning your shirt is what I’m saying. You can ask Simon Cowell that apparently he has no problem.

Ali Mirza: What does that mean? Is there is some teamzy thing that I have not caught up on yet?

Abhi Golhar: No. The only thing I remember from watching America’s Got Talent like 5 years ago because he always use to wear his shirt’s like 5 buttons unbuttoned and I’m like…

Ali Mirza: No! No! No! Simon Cowell is the guy from American Idol.

Abhi Golhar: Oh! American Idol. Isn’t it American Idol?

Ali Mirza: I don’t know. Yeah!

Abhi Golhar: I don’t know anymore.

Ali Mirza: No! No! No! You know, he’s definitely on American Idol, for sure.

Abhi Golhar: Okay, it doesn’t matter. This is how much I don’t watch TV. I watch 30 minute of TV a week like I don’t care, whatever, him.

Ali Mirza: Yes.

Abhi Golhar: Yes.

Ali Mirza: We’re busy hashtag hustling.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah. That’s right!

Ali Mirza: Yes. There we go. Alright, this conversation is just like completely gone off the rails now.

Abhi Golhar: Totally. Totally X-rated.

Ali Mirza: Alright, let’s wrap a wrap here.

Abhi Golhar: Let’s do it.

Ali Mirza: Abhi, really, really appreciate you coming on the show here. I think you dropped some real good stuff here. I know I’ve got a ton more questions for you about in relative to investing and I know I got direct line to you. But the people that don’t, how can my audience reach out to you and ask you for help and get some help whether it just be take this… taking that their relationship with you to the next step and unbuttoning those buttons? Or I’m sure your wife is not going to appreciate if we say that but that’s fine, that’s your problem.

Abhi Golhar: Yeah! That’s…

Ali Mirza: Or how can we just reach out to you? Here’s your shameless plug. Hit me!

Abhi Golhar: Shameless plug go to BookWithAbhi.com that’s Book With Abhi A-B-H-I dot com. You can schedule 15 minutes of chat if you want a strategy consulting session for an hour there’s that option there as well. You can look me up at AbhiGolhar.com. Those are really the 2 best things. If you wanted to tune in to the radio shows, again AbhiGolhar.com, click on the radio at the top and you can listen into it both the morning live show right here on Biz 1190 here in Atlanta or Think Realty Radio which is my nationally syndicated radio show here nationwide. So, it’s a lot of fun and get in touch I’m here to help and I’m really here to at least point you in the right direction if you’re looking at real estate. If you’re not, if you’re in your business and get in touch with Ali he’s doing some amazing at Rose Garden Consulting. And just really stay in the conversation, it’s important that you do that step. It benefits you at at the end of the day that’s why we’re here, right? To help you.

Ali Mirza: Love it! Love it brother. Hey! Thank you so much and everybody make sure you like, share link… I don’t know what link means but like, share, subscribe, share, whatever or comment, that’s the one that I was looking for. Heads up, we’re always here to help. Thank you so much and as always we will see you next time.


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