Episode #23

November 3, 2019

John Pyke is America’s leading authority on finding talent and hiring high-performing sales professionals. He has cracked the code for hiring sales talent based on a proven scientific process that has 80-90% accuracy for predicting sales talent and keeping it. John is also a Best Selling Author of  “Hire Fast Fire Fast – How Scientific Breakthroughs Minimize Costly Hiring Mistakes”.

  • Intro to John + his background [0:00]
  • The balance between bullshit calls and actual work [9:37]
  • What have you learned from high sales performance? [16:17]
  • Understanding if someone possess the salesman DNA [19:37]
  • Assessing a company and its salespeople for maximum profit  [21:37]
  • The real cost of turnover [24:43]
  • How entrepreneurs can compete with/other companies [27:40]
  • Bringing in big salespeople [31:57]


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