Episode #15

March 27, 2019

Welcome To The For The Close Experience Episode #15

Brian left corporate America and his position as head of Global Business Sales & Strategy to start his own firm 7 years ago. Since then he’s worked with companies like AT&T, Cisco, Citi, and Altran (Paris, France) to install sales systems and help sales teams drive it to execution. He’s also an author (The Ultimate Sales Messaging System) and created his own advanced online sales training course, both of which he uses regularly with clients.


  • Intro to Brian [0:00]
  • Brians work background [0:35]
  • Changing the prospects and clients perspectives for the better [4:30]
  • Brians approach to grooming employees/clients [7:10]
  • Story of Brian closing his first deal and what he learned [17:35]
  • How to know when you’ve changed someones behavior/mind [25:25]


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