Episode #14

March 20, 2019

Welcome To The For The Close Experience Episode #14

Brent Daniels creator of the advanced wholesale training, TTP, runs a multi-million dollar wholesaling business out of Phoenix, AZ. He has coached tons of people with a simple and effective strategy on how to get on the phone and talk to motivated sellers. A natural leader, Brent combines his passion for helping his students with his proactive, little sleep, high energy, “doesn’t-want-to-wait-around-for-business” attitude to help you make the most out of the wholesaling cash machine.


  • Intro to Brent [0:00]
  • Brent explains wholesaling [4:05]
  • The journey from working marketing to sales [8:09]
  • Cold calling isn’t dead, it’s just not working for you [10:30]
  • The balance between law of diminishing returns and your time [17:10]
  • Brents process for searching and finding good salespeople [24:00]
  • The types of personalities you want to hire for your company [27:29]


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