Episode #11

March 11, 2019

Welcome To The For The Close Experience Episode #11

Eric is the founder of 10xFactory, an entrepreneurship group hosted over Slack with over 1,200 vetted members and the founder of One Cup Media and the Sweat Pants Agency, spending over $1m / mo in Facebook ads. He is the marketer behind several brands that are the leaders in their category. He also helped scale Hunt A Killer from $0 to 8-figures, fully bootstrapped, becoming the fastest growing thriller subscription box ever and has over $100m of TV, internet, and radio advertising experience.


  • Intro to Eric [0:00]
  • Getting into the sales game [5:10]
  • The difference between MVP and distribution [9:31]
  • Why Eric is one the best salesman Ali knows [14:45]
  • Qualifying people to do business with [16:35]
  • How to not be an asshole and questions for when selling/interviewing people/clients [18:25]
  • The obvious signs of wasting your time on losses [26:17]
  • How to invest money in the right place [31:20]
  • Start giving a fuck again [33:19]
  • The stupidest things people do that get in the way of their own success [35:25]
  • Why you should stop hourly billing [37:01]


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